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Northeast Center of Excellence for Pavement Technology

According to March 11 directive from Penn State regarding COVID-19, and to ensure safety of our course participants, all future in-person courses administered by NECEPT are cancelled at this time.

Links to PennDOT Cancellation Memo for Technician Certification Program

The most recent directives received from Penn State requires cancelling all gatherings through June 19.  As a result, both Retest Dates scheduled for May 15 and May 22 are now cancelled.  We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience and will make every attempt at addressing the situation as the earliest possible time.

NECEPT is the Northeast Regional Superpave Center. It is located at the Thomas D. Larson PA Transportation Institute at the Pennsylvania State University.

The preferred way to contact NECEPT is by email. During the busy season (October through March) we do our best to maintain an efficient response time, but due to high call volume, a response may be delayed. Your understanding is appreciated. 

Courses Affected by Inclement Weather

Exam Grades

Exam grades can be found on the Exam Grades page. Please search for your course ID number and then your NECEPT ID number. If you need assistance in locating your grade, please call 814-863-1293.

Retest Information

Retest information can be found on the designated training category pages - Aggregate, Asphalt Field, Asphalt Plant L1, Superpave, and Concrete.

Aggregate retests must be completed no earlier than 30 days and no later than three months from the original test date.

Asphalt and Concrete retests must be completed no earlier than 30 days and no later than four months from the original test date. 

Registration Notes

Online Registration

  • If you choose to register online, you must pay with a credit card at the time of registration and email any required documents to
  • Please make sure you are filling out all necessary information. PennDOT will not approve applications with missing information.
  • If you are applying for a Certification Renewal Card, you MUST include the required amount of work experience and learning activities.
  • If you are applying for a Review & Certification course, you MUST include the required amount of work experience.

Paper Application Registration

  • If you choose to register with a paper application, please download and complete the form, get necessary signatures (Supervisor and PennDOT), and mail it to NECEPT along with any required documents and a check or money order.
  • Please make checks and money orders payable to:  Pennsylvania State University
  • Please include the required work experience and learning activities, depending on the course you are registering for, with your application. If you cannot fit all of the information on the actual application, please include it as a separate page with your application.
  • Paper applications MUST be received at least 12 days ahead of the course.  No exceptions.

NECEPT Contact

Office Address:

201 Transportation Research Building
University Park, PA  16802.






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NECEPT's primary mission is to facilitate implementation and validation of the results of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) by promoting partnering between governmental agencies, industry (including materials, suppliers, contractors and consultants) and universities throughout the Northeast. 

Northeast Center of Excellence for Pavement Technology (NECEPT)

201 Transportation Research Building

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-863-1293 | Fax: 814-865-3039