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2020 Training Season Exam Grades

As grades are received and processed, they will be posted below. Please allow approximately two weeks from the course date for grades to be posted. The grades are listed under an individual's NECEPT ID number. Certificates and cards will be mailed out shortly after grades are posted. Please be aware that the certificate and card will be mailed to the address that is listed on the application sent to NECEPT. If you are unable to locate your NECEPT ID number or do not receive your card within three weeks of your results being posted, please contact NECEPT by calling (814) 863-1293 or emailing

You may also sign-in to MYNECEPT to view your exam results. NECEPT ID number and password required. 

Aggregate Technician

Passing Grade:  70%


Asphalt Field Technician

Passing Grade:  75%


Asphalt Level 1 Plant Technician

Passing Grade:  75%


Superpave Volumetric Mix Design Workshop

Passing Grade:  75% (Quiz Grade)

Concrete Field Testing Technician

Passing Grade:  75%


Asphalt Retests

Passing Grade:  75%
Only one retest allowed.  Those who did not pass will need to retake the course in 2021.



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