Asphalt Field Technician Certification

Initial Certification

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2020 Review & Certification Course Binder

Review & Certification Course Agenda


Currently, online registration is not available for those who need to register as a Technician-in-Training. However, below is the application that will need completed, signed by PennDOT, and a copy sent to NECEPT. Please review Publication 351 to review the requirements for each type of Technician-in-Training (Field, Plant Level 1, Plant Level 2).

CS-351F -- FIELD Technician-in-Training Form

Initial Certification - Retest

All Asphalt retests must be completed no earlier than thirty days and no later than four months after the original exam.

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Certification Renewal - Update/Refresher Course

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2020 Update/Refresher Course Book

Update/Refresher Course Agenda

Certification Renewal - Certification Card Only

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