Asphalt Course Training Resources

Density and Durability:

When striving to make asphalt more durable, research and lessons learned show that density is an important factor. This video talks about several keys to achieving proper asphalt pavement density, as well as new technologies that are moving the asphalt industry forward.




Properly designed and constructed asphalt roads have an important quality that travelers appreciate...a smooth and quiet ride! Smoother roads also mean lower fuel costs, less vehicle wear and tear, and lower emissions. This video talks about several keys to achieving smoother asphalt pavements as well as how smoothness specifications are shaping the industry today.



 Long-Life Pavements:

Long-life pavements, traditionally called Perpetual Pavements, are multi-layer pavement designs built from the bottom up, with each layer engineered to maximize pavement life. Long-Life Pavement designs provide agencies with an approach that reduces the life-cycle costs of a pavement. With this approach, asphalt roads can be built with a structure that lasts many decades with only periodic surface renewal and maintenance required, making it an ideal choice for drivers, engineers, and the traveling public.

Sampling from the Roadway Before Compaction

Loading Truck with Asphalt Mix

Asphalt Paving Surface Preparation

Sawing and Sealing of Asphalt Concrete Pavement

Delivery Ticket – Asphalt

Constructing a Quality Asphalt Longitudinal Paving Joint

Asphalt Laydown

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